The Horse Races You Should Know
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Learn about the different types of horse races there are in the world. Know the horse racing grades and classes.


Now that you know more about horse racing, it’s time you learn the different horse races there are. Since there are a lot of horse breeds with different strengths and qualities, various competitions were made that suited them.


Additionally, there are different conditions made for these races to make them more exciting. One of these conditions is making the ground soft to run in. This means there are a lot of exciting horse races you watch and wager on.


The three racetrack surfaces are turf, dirt, artificial or synthetic.

  1. Turf This is the natural grass surface of the track that horses run on. This is used mostly in Europe.
  2. Dirt → This is the natural dirt or ground surface of the track that horses run on. It is used mostly in the United States.
  3. Synthetic → This is the artificial man-made surface in the tracks for the horses to run on. It is used in various racetracks around the world including Japan horse races.

The different kinds of horse races are the following: flat race, conditions race, draft race, handicap race, endurance race, maiden race, harness race, and jump race.



Flat Race


Flat racing is one of the most common races in the world. Horses run on a flat racetrack where their speed and agility is tested.

This is also the easiest race you can start wagering on if you are new to horse racing. There are lots of odds you can pick from when betting on horse races that you can take advantage of. Additionally, understanding how racing works is easy because the horses are simply competing for the first place.



Draft Race


A draft race is one of the most exciting races to watch and wager on. This is because the horses are expected to pull heavy sledges with their riders riding on the sledge.

Wagering on this is exciting because you can guess which horses will finish in the first few places or in the last. The odds work the same as other races so you can have fun betting in this race.



Jump Race


Jump races are quite popular around the world because the horses are expected to run over obstacles like fences and hurdles. Horses are expected to jump over greater obstacles and run longer distances when they get older.

This race is different from the others because you can see horses overcoming barriers rather than simply running or pulling things. Additionally. this is one of the most enjoyable races you can wager on. Not only do you get to watch horses jump over things but you have the chance to guess if the horse is more skilled than others.


Maiden Race


Maiden racing is for the horses that have not yet won a competition. This means wagering on these races are quite difficult because the skills and ability of the horses are unknown. However, you can still see if the horses have higher chances of winning or losing the game before it starts. This is because the horses are shown in the tracks and details about them are provided beforehand.



Harness Race


In harness racing, horses are expected to pull a cart where their rider is in and compete for first place. The horse’s strength and agility are tested in this race.

This is similar to flat racing except the horses are carrying heavier things like the cart and the jockey. Wagering is also similar to flat races. This means that all you have to do is guess who will finish first, second, third, and last. You can also wager on the exact order the horses will place in if you want because the odds are flexible.



Endurance Race


Endurance races are as its name says. It tests the endurance of a horse over a long distance in a one-day competition.

Wagering on this works the same as other races. All you have to do is consider the strength, stamina, and other qualities of the horse to see where they can place in when the race ends.



Horse Racing Grades and Classes


While this sounds like horses are required to attend classes where they are graded, it is not. This simply means that horse races are graded depending on how prestigious they are. This means that the higher the grade is, the higher the purse to win in the tournament.


Here are the following grades in order of the most notable in the industry to the least:

  1. Grade 1
  2. Grade 2
  3. Grade 3
  4. Listed
  5. Handicaps
  6. Bumpers


Major Horse Races You Should Know


There are a lot of notable horse races around the world with large purses that the horses can win. Since Japan has over 21,000 horse races each year, they have various local and international competitions. Some of their major tournaments are Japan Cup, Japanese Derby, and Japanese Oaks.


Japan Cup

The Japan Cup is considered to be one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. It is an invitation-only international grade 1 race held in Tokyo Racecourse. It also has a purse of over ¥624,000,000 as of 2015.


Japanese Derby

The Tokyo YΕ«shun or otherwise known as Japanese Derby is an international grade 1 flat horse race. The competition is for three-year-old Thoroughbred colts and fillies. Additionally, it is held at Tokyo Racecourse every late May to early June and has a purse of ¥432,000,000 as of 2017.


Japanese Oaks

The Yushun Himba or otherwise known as Japanese Oaks is a local grade 1 flat horse race. It is for three-year old Thoroughbred fillies competing over a distance of 2,400 meters. It is held annually at the Tokyo Racecourse every May and has a purse of ¥184,700,000 as of 2015.



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