What is the Arc?
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Find out what is the Arc and the horses that compete in it. Learn how much the prize money is and the most notable horses that won the competition.

The Arc or formally known as Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe is the second most prestigious flat horse race in Europe after Epsom Derby. It is a Group 1 tournament held every first Sunday of October since its establishment in 1920.


One of the most famous slogans of the Arc in France is the slogan they released in 2013 which was, “Ce n'est pas une course, c'est un monument”. When translated, it meant that the Arc was not simply a race but a monument.


This was because the Arc was named after Arc de Triomphe which was a famous monument in France. It was famous because the victory parade of the Allies of World War I happened at the Arc in France.


The horses that compete in the tournament are Thoroughbreds that are three years and older. Foreign-bred and trained horses can participate in the tournament as long as they fit the specified requirements for the Arc. However, geldings cannot participate in the race.


Three-year-old Thoroughbred horses are required to weigh 56 and a half kilograms while four years and older horses need to weigh 59 and above kilograms. There is a one-and-a-half kilogram weight allowance for fillies and mares.


Most horses that compete in the Arc in France are highly regarded as the best in the industry for that year. Additionally, horses who won the race are often regarded as champion horses. This meant that they are a first-class horse against all the others in their breed.


Purse of the Arc


The Arc in France is the world’s second richest turf race after the Everest. This is because it has a purse of €5,000,000 or approximately ¥611,252,517 as of 2018.


This meant that the first place winner of the tournament will get €2,857,000 or approximately ¥349,269,688.


The Race Track of the Arc


The Arc in France is held every year at Longchamp Racecourse in Paris, France. The Thoroughbred horses will have to run over a distance of 2,400 metres or one and a half miles to complete the racecourse. The race track is also a right-handed turf surface. This meant that horses will have to make right turns instead of the left-handed tracks which can be found in most racecourses.


Most Notable Horses in the Arc


Since horses that have won the Arc are considered champions, this meant that they are all excellent horses. However, there are a few Thoroughbreds over the years that made notable records in the history of the Arc. Some of these horses are: Found, Motrico, and Ksar.


FoundHe is an Irish Thoroughbred who won the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe in 2016 among other major wins. Not only that, he registered the fastest winning time when he completed the course in two minutes, twenty-three seconds, and sixty-one milliseconds.

MotricoMotrico was one of the most notable Thoroughbred horses that won the Arc. This is because he won it twice in 1930 and 1932. Additionally, he was the oldest horse to have won it because he was seven years old when he won it the second time.

Ksar Ksar was a French Thoroughbred horse that one the Arc twice in 1921 and 1922. He also won various major horse racing tournaments in France. He was also awarded the honor of being the Leading Sire in France in 1931.


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