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Casino Deposit Bonus Explained
Find out what casino deposit bonus is and its advantages. Know the top five casinos where you can use the deposit bonus.

One of the most common bonuses you can find in online casino sites is the deposit bonus. This is often given to new players to get them to sign-up at the site. It is usually promoted all across the online casino in wide banner forms so you can easily see it. This is also often in the form of a welcome bonus to get people to sign-up. If you are a new player at the online casino, you can see short details about the offer on the ad to make it easier for you to see what you are getting into. 


However, the full wagering requirement for this cannot precisely be laid out in the promotion banner ad. This means you still need to check the wagering requirements before you register for an account so you can claim the casino deposit bonus offer.


Wagering requirements


You can usually see the wagering requirements once you click on the casino deposit bonus. This shows the terms and conditions the casino has that you need to fill before you can claim your deposit bonus. It also shows until when you can use the deposit match bonus. You need to know this in order to successfully use the offer before it expires. Additionally, reading the wagering requirements is important because you cannot renew it no matter how much you want to.

The online casino deposit bonus is shown in different ways on various casino sites. Sometimes you can see a percentage on how much the casino will match up your deposit. Other times you can see a specific maximum number that the online casino will match. However, there are some sites that show both percentage and number so you quickly know what the bonus is like. The most common casino deposit bonus percentage given are 25%, 50%, and 100%. This is often a quite large offer so you register at the site quickly.

In order to understand this better, say you saw a 50% deposit match up bonus up to ¥5,000. This means you can get an additional ¥2,500 free money that the casino will deposit into your account once you fulfil the wagering requirements.


For more information, here are the following deposit bonuses you can find in most online casino sites:

  1. Up to ¥1,000 → If you see this as an online casino deposit bonus, this means that the money the casino is willing to match up cannot exceed ¥1,000. You can deposit any amount less than ¥1,000 and the casino will deposit the same amount into your account. However, the moment you exceed this, ¥1,000 is still the money you will receive in your account.
  2. 50% → If you see this, it means the casino is willing to match up 50% of the money you deposited into your account. As long as you fit the wagering requirements, you can expect that half of your first deposit will be added into your casino account. To compute this, just multiply your deposit money into 0.5 and you get the amount you will receive from the casino.
  3. 100% → If you see this, it means the casino is willing to match up 100% of your deposit money. This is usually paired with a limit as to how much the casino is willing to match up. You do not have to compute this because as long as what you deposited is under the set limit of the casino, you can expect the same amount will be added into your account.
  4. 200 % → Only a few online casinos offer this because it means the casino is willing to match up twice your deposit. It is also usually paired with a set limit as to how much the casino is willing to match up. However, this is still a larger bonus compared to the others.
  5. Wagering requirements 30x → If you see wagering requirements x30, it means you need to play the bonus amount 30 times before you can cash out your winnings. So, let’s say your bonus is ¥500. This means you need to multiply it to 30 first and get the amount indicated before you can cash in your bonus.
    Example: ¥500 x 30 = ¥15,000
    The ¥15,000 is the amount you need to achieve when playing before you can get your online casino deposit bonus.



Casino Deposit Bonus Advantages


There are various advantages in using the casino deposit bonus. The main thing is that you get additional free money you can use in most of the games in the online casino. While you cannot instantly cash this out, you have a high possibility of increasing the money you deposited into your account.

You can also take advantage of this because usually the amount that the online casino is willing to match up is quite high. This means the huge amount of money you can get back can easily be used to play various online casino games that you want to.


Five Best Casino Deposit Bonus


If you are looking for the best online casino deposit bonus in the industry, you can check out the following sites:


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