Casino Cafe de Paris Review
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🥐 Peek into an exciting 🤩✨ Parisian gaming style 💃🎰 and a classy overall experience 🥂🍾 in Monte Carlo 👑🏊‍♀️through our ☕ Casino Cafe de Paris review🥖!

The 150-year-old Café de Paris Monte Carlo houses a casino that features half of Monaco's slots.


Café de Paris Monte Carlo is a famous restaurant, lounge, and casino in Monte Carlo. All of these can be easily accessed through the building’s lobby. Located right in Monte Carlo’s Casino Square, the building is the perfect place for social events and meetings in Monaco. 

A nearby market sells delicacies you can take home from your visit in Monte Carlo. You can find various high quality cheese in the world at the market, as well as pastries and handmade ice cream.



How to go to Café de Paris Monte Carlo


There are many hotels near the Cafe de Paris Monte Carlo. Some of these hotels are listed below. Some hotels are within walking distance to the cafe. The cafe and these hotels are around the busy Casino Square. This is where most tourists stay and start their tour of Monte Carlo. You can stay at any of the hotels in Casino Square.

Once you arrive at Nice airport in France, you can choose from any of these options to reach Cafe de Paris Monte Carlo:

  1. 110 Express Bus (港幣60 to 港幣190): You can take the 110 Express bus from Nice airport straight to Casino Square. The Cafe de Paris Monte Carlo is on your left side if you’re facing Casino de Monte Carlo. If you’re facing Hotel de Paris, then the cafe is behind you.
  2. Line 110 Shuttle (港幣185): This airport shuttle will drop you directly to the Casino de Monte Carlo. Again, if you’re facing Casino de Monte Carlo, the cafe will be on your left side.
  3. Train (港幣120): You have to ride the bus first to get to the St. Laurent Du Var station. You can take the bus lines 52, 23, 94, N4, and 70 (港幣60). You can get off directly at Monaco Monte Carlo station. From there, you can walk through the Avenue d’Ostende. You can take the corner on your right once you see a Barclays. That will take you straight to the Casino Square where the cafe is located.



Casino Café de Paris


The casino’s interior is remarkable for its modern design that utilizes natural lighting. It is also one out of two Monaco casinos that features terrace gaming besides Monte-Carlo Bay Casino.

There are various slot and table games you can play at Casino Café de Paris:

  1. Blackjack
  2. English Roulette
  3. Live Roulette
  4. Slot Machines
  5. Poker Texas Hold’em Ultimate
  6. Electronic Roulette
  7. Split Aces

The casino has a wide gaming floor that features about half of Monte Carlo’s slot machines. Currently, the casino has about 500 slots available for players, 146 of them are at the casino’s gaming terrace.

You can also play Interblock Organic Roulette at the casino’s terrace if you want to socialize with other players. The Organic is exclusive at the casino and can accommodate up to 16 players per game.

Live Roulette is also another popular game the casino offers to its players. The table game opens at 2 PM and can accommodate up to 8 players. The table game is open until late at night.

The casino has a VIP area reserved for players with the My Monte Carlo Gold Card. Located at the casino’s terrace, the VIP area features 12 high limit poker machines.

My Monte-Carlo is a loyalty programme that offers benefits and other advantages to its members since April 2019. Here are the different card levels depending on the total number of loyalty points:

  1. Membre (0 Loyalty Points)
  2. Silver (5000 Loyalty Points)
  3. Gold (22500 Loyalty Points)
  4. Platinum (175000 Loyalty Points)

If you regularly visit Monte Carlo casinos, you should sign up for the loyalty program for perks and exclusive benefits.

The casino also has a bar that serves drinks and appetizers called Bar Des Jeux. It is located in the center of the gaming floor. The entrance fee for the casino is €10 and dress code is casual. The casino is open 24 hours every day.



Café de Paris Monte Carlo


The restaurant has celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2018. Previously called Café Divan when it opened in 1868, a couple of years after the city of Monte Carlo was established. 

Aside from the casino, Café de Paris Monte Carlo currently houses Salle Bellevue and the Brasserie. The Brasserie is open from 8 AM to 2 AM every day.


Salle Bellevue

Salle Bellevue is a modern lounge used for private functions and meetings. Aside from its wide interior, Salle Bellevue also features an open terrace where you can see the Casino Square. You can also see the Casino de Monte Carlo from the terrace.


The Brasserie

The Brasserie is another name for Café de Paris Monte Carlo. The word ‘Brasserie’ means ‘French restaurant with a relaxed setting’. The restaurant is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. 

With a Parisian terrace design, the restaurant is perfect for outdoor dining no matter what time of day it is. The Brasserie’s outdoor dining space can accommodate 100 people while its indoor space accommodates 30 customers.

The Brasserie serves French and other European cuisines. There are also vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night drinks so you can drop by the restaurant almost any time.

Chef Paolo Sari was the one responsible for the ‘brasserie ambiance’ of the restaurant. Local fresh products are used for the fish, seasoned meat, and pizza signature dishes.

Chef Franck Lafon is the executive chef of the restaurant since September 2016. He believes cuisine is not just what is served on the plate, it is a complete dining experience.



Entertainment and Events



Café de Paris Themed Evening Parties

Parties at the cafe are special events. These do not take place every year. You can visit the cafe’s website if you want to find out more. The cafe hosts grand parties so if you’re in Monte Carlo while a party is happening, be sure to drop by. 

The Roaring Twenties was the first themed party the restaurant hosted in 2018. Art installations based on 1920s parties were installed and fifty artists performed at the party. Monaco Prince Albert II’s vintage car collection was also featured at the Roaring Twenties party.

Winter Chic Night is another themed party at Café de Paris. The whole building was transformed into a winter palace where guests played and partied hard for one night. The party featured special performers, ice sculptures, magical lights and special games. 

Café de Paris’ themed parties are reserved exclusively for My-Monte Carlo members for the earlier part of the night. However, non-members can attend the party at 10 PM.


Oktoberfest/Monte Carlo Sporting Summer Festival

Café de Paris regularly participates in Monte Carlo’s yearly events like Oktoberfest and the Monte Carlo Sporting Summer Festival. The Brasserie usually makes special menus and drinks for these events. These special offers are not the same every year. If you’re in Monte Carlo during these events, visit the Cafe de Paris Monte Carlo to find out what they have in store.

The Monte Carlo Sporting Summer Festival features international artists like Ringo Starr, Rita Ora, Santana and many others. Unlike the cafe’s parties, these events happen every year. Drop by at the cafe to find out what they prepared for the event. 


Spin-Splosion Tournament

Since Casino Café de Paris has 500 slot machines, one of its events throughout the year is the Spin-Splosion Slot Machine Super Tournament. You can win up to a hundred times of your original bet. You can find the rules of this tournament in the casino itself. 

Registration costs 10. If you have some extra travel money, try joining the tournament. Once a winner is chosen, the casino celebrates with confettis and free drinks.


Formula 1 Racing Events

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most famous sporting events held in the city. F1’s Monaco circuit passes directly through the Casino Square where Café de Paris is located. 

You can watch the race on the terraces of both Salle Bellevue and The Brassiere. Salle Bellevue is often reserved for private viewing during the race. This means most guests watch the race from The Brasserie’s terrace. 

Café de Paris also offers special menu packages during the Monaco Grand Prix. This event is also attended by the rich and the famous. Keep in mind that Monte Carlo hotels are usually fully booked every year when this event takes place. If you want to watch this event, you have to reserve months before your stay.



Hotels Near Café de Paris


Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo

You can easily find the five-star luxury hotel because it is located directly across Café de Paris. The hotel is home to 3 Michelin star restaurants. You can also see the Mediterranean Sea from the hotel rooms. 

Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo also has a wine cellar that currently holds 350,000 bottles of fine wines and champagnes. You can ask the hotel for a private wine tasting experience as well.


Fairmont Monte Carlo

Fairmont Monte Carlo is one of the largest resorts in Europe. It has four restaurants and bars, a casino, a shopping arcade, and a luxury hotel that has 600 rooms.

Only a five-minute walk from Casino Square, the seaside resort has the perfect view of the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the biggest resorts in Monte Carlo. You can also easily find shops and restaurants on the property. 


Hotel Metropole

The hotel’s allure is its old world glamour in modern Monaco. Hotel Metropole has two Michelin star restaurants and a luxurious spa by Givenchy. It was named as the Top Hotel in France and Monaco last 2018 by luxury magazine Condé Nast Traveler. This hotel is also perfect for guests who want peace and quiet. 


Living Like A Local


There are many things to observe while you enjoy a meal at the restaurant’s terrace. Monte Carlo locals can be seen enjoying a glass of beer in the restaurant or buying local goods from the market. Tourists are usually walking around the nearby Casino de Monte Carlo or taking photos at the Casino Square fountains.

You can see a glimpse of the normal and busy city life when you visit Café de Paris Monte Carlo. It offers a full experience from gaming to dining in such an effortless way. It is also right in the middle of the busy Casino Square. You can find local shops and other tourist locations nearby.





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