Casino Referral Bonus Explained
Know what casino referral bonus is and its advantages. Find out five best online casinos with a referral bonus.


Most online casino sites offer various bonuses to new players. However, you do not have to worry if you have used your welcome bonus quickly and you have been playing at one particular online casino for a long time. This is because there are still bonuses you can take advantage of even if you have already become a regular player. One of these offers you can use is the referral bonus. The casino referral bonus is offered in most online casino sites. This is often promoted widely by the casino and placed in various banner ads in the site. This is done so regular players like you will refer someone to sign-up to the site. You can get a bonus if you have successfully referred someone to the casino site.


Claiming a referral bonus is quite easy. An individual special link is often given by the online casino that you have to share with a friend. The person needs to click the link to sign-up for the site and register in order for your referral to be valid. Special links are used by online casinos to ensure they know who made the referral. There are usually two kinds of referral bonus that are offered by casinos. It can be a fixed bonus amount that you will get once your referral was successful. It can also be a bonus based on the percentage of your friend’s first deposit. There are also other kinds of referral bonuses but these two are the most commonly used for this kind of offer. The fixed bonus amount you can get depends entirely on what the casino is willing to give back for every successful referral. This is often not as high as the bonus given to new players but you can get an average of ¥12,000.


For the other kind of casino referral bonus you can find in most sites, the percentage given is also lower than the welcome bonus. This can be an average of 10%,15%, and 50%. However, even if the percentage you are given is relatively smaller than you like, you can still get a higher bonus. This is because this kind of offer depends on the first deposit of your successful referral. This means if the first deposit of the person you recommended was high, you can get a higher bonus as well. However, keep in mind though that online casino sites still set a limit as to how much they are willing to give back. This is because they cannot simply give a percentage of another player’s deposit, especially if it can cost them more than thousands of dollars or millions of yen. You have to personally check the requirement of the bonus so you know exactly how much you can get.

Let’s say you successfully referred one person using a 50% casino referral bonus with a limit of ¥15,000. This means if the person you recommended deposited ¥30,000 into their account the first time, you can get ¥15,000. However, if they deposited ¥45,000, you can get ¥15,000.



Casino Referral Bonus Advantages


There are various advantages to a casino referral bonus. The biggest thing is that you have the opportunity to increase your wager money simply by making a successful referral to the online casino.

Additionally, you can get a higher bonus if you have the casino referral bonus that depends on your friends’ first deposit. This is because the amount you can get, even considering the percentage given by the casino, can still be bigger than even a welcome bonus. You just have to check the terms and conditions of the bonus so you can know quickly.


Five Best Casino Referral Bonus Bonus


If you are looking for the best online casinos with great referral bonus, check out the following thorough reviews that has:



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