What are Online Casino Bonuses

Find out what are the online casino bonuses that you can use. Know the five best online casinos in the industry.


Besides the games you can play at online casinos, one of the exciting parts are the bonuses that you can get. These bonuses increase your chances of receiving twice the money that you used to wager. Additionally, these are offered to everyone. This means that whether you are a new or regular player, you can use a bonus.

However, keep in mind that you need to complete the wagering requirements of the bonus before you can use it. These are the rules set by online casinos that you need to meet first. It can be known as the terms and conditions of the bonus. If even one of the rules has not been met, then you cannot redeem the bonus you want.

Additionally, the wagering requirements differ per bonus. This means you need to check them out before you claim.

Here are some of the most common bonuses that you can take advantage of at online casinos: welcome bonus, deposit match bonus, referral bonus, and reload bonus.



Welcome Bonus


Most often when you sign-up at your trusted online casino, you can use your welcome bonus quickly. This is one of the benefits that you can enjoy as a new player.

There are different kinds of welcome bonuses that online casinos offer to their new bettors. However, these often have more free spins, higher deposit match money, and higher discount.

Additionally, while you can use most welcome bonus offers quickly, you still need to check the wagering requirements. This is so you can see if you have fulfilled the requirements and if there are other benefits from the bonus that you can enjoy.


Deposit Match Bonus 


A deposit match bonus is often given as a welcome bonus to new players. This is because it matches the amount of money you deposit into your online casino account. You can receive your deposit match bonus as soon as you fulfil the requirements.

However, you need to remember that online casinos set a limit as to how much money they will match your deposit. This is often shown in percentage form or already indicated in the wagering requirement.

To understand this, say you found a 50% deposit match at a website if you deposited ¥500. This means that once you deposited ¥500 into your casino account, they will add ¥250. This is 50% of the amount you deposited.

Some casinos indicate the specific amount they are willing to match up to. It shows in this kind of form: 100% deposit match bonus up to ¥1,500. This means that the online casino is willing to match up the money you deposited into your account up to ¥1,500. If you deposited more than the amount specified, the maximum limit they set will still be the amount they will deposit into your account.


Referral Bonus


Referral bonuses are often given to regular players at online casinos. This simply means that you need to invite another person to register on the same website and start playing. You will get a steady amount of income as long as the player you invited continues playing. However, the amount you can get depends on the referral percentage bonus given by the casino. It also depends on how much the casino will earn from the new bettor you referred.


Reload Bonus


Reload bonuses are often used by regular players at online casino websites. This is because the sites use them as an incentive for you to keep on playing. However, the reload percentage bonus is usually lesser than the amount you can get in a deposit match bonus. The reload percentage bonus often offered ranges from 10% to 50%.

This means that if you found an online casino site that offers 50% reload bonus for a ¥1,000 deposit, you can receive ¥500. You can also check the wagering requirements to see if there are other benefits that you can enjoy from the reload bonus.


VIP Bonus


One of the most fun offers you can get is the VIP bonus. This is given to exclusive members of a casino site. The VIP bonuses you can get are higher compared to the ones given to regular players. There are also personal VIP staff that can quickly answer any and all concerns you have. There are also other benefits you can get with a VIP bonus. This includes winning expensive items like a new MacBook or a Rolls Royce.


Best Online Casinos to Wager on


If you are looking for the best online casino sites in the industry with good bonuses that you can enjoy, then here are the following sites with their bonus offers:


Online Casino         

Bonus Offered                                

Bonus Link               


Up to mɃ 1,000

Get Your Bonus


100% + 22 Bet Points

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100% Welcome Match Bonus

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Up to ¥12,200  Deposit Match

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