What is Arima Kinen?
Find out what kind of race Arima Kinen is and the horses that can compete in it. Learn how much the prize money is.

The Arima Kinen (有馬記念) is one of the two “All-Star” flat horses races in Japan. It was previously known as Nakayama Grand Prix (中山グランプリ) when it was first established in 1956. However, its name was changed into what it is now in memory of Yoriyasu Arima who founded the race.


The Arima Kinen is a Grade 1 race for three years old and older Thoroughbred horses. This tournament is one of the horse racing competitions in Japan that accepts foreign-bred and trained horses. This is also a race that horses need to win in order to get the Japan Autumn Triple Crown title.


Most horses that compete in the Arima Kinen are also nominated by a majority vote of horse racing fans. Since the nomination for the horses is free of charge, thousands of people in Japan participate in the vote.


Local and foreign Thoroughbred are required to weigh 55 kilograms if they are a three year old and 57 kilograms if they are four years and older. There is a two-kilogram weight allowance for fillies, mares, and three-year-old Thoroughbreds that were born and bred in the Southern Hemisphere in 2016 though.


Additionally, there is no limit as to how many international and local horses can compete in the competition. However, the maximum limit of horses that can participate in the race is 16.



Purse of the Arima Kinen


The Arima Kinen has one of the highest purse in Japan flat racing with its ¥648,000,000 total prize money. This is equivalent to $5,635,000.

The total amount the winner of the race will receive is ¥300,000,000 or approximately $2,609,000.



The Race Track of Arima Kinen


The Arima Kinen is annually held at Nakayama Racecourse in late December. The nomination for the race starts early November every year and closes a few days before the race starts.

Thoroughbred horses will have to run a distance of 2,500 meters or about 12.5 furlongs of track in order to win. The horses would have to run on a turf surface racecourse, which makes it easier for them to sprint through the finish line.



Most Notable Horses in Arima Kinen


In total, there have been six horses who all won the tournament twice. However, while there have been various notable horses that competed in Arima Kinen and made names for themselves, one horse remains unbeaten in his speed record.

This was Zenno Rob Roy who won the 2004 Arima Kinen race. He is a retired Thoroughbred who was able to finish the course within two minutes, twenty-nine seconds, and five milliseconds.



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