What is the Tokyo Yūshun?
Find out what is the Tokyo Yūshun and the horses that can compete in it. Learn how horses can qualify for the Japanese Derby and the prize money amount.

The Tokyo Yūshun is one of the most prestigious flat horse racing in Japan. It is known to be the Japanese Derby (Nippon Dābii, 日本ダービー). It was established in 1932. It is the equivalent of Epsom Derby in England.


It is also considered to be the second race of the Japanese Triple Crown. This is a title awarded to horses when they win first place in races that are part of this. The first leg is the Satsuki Shō race. The last leg is Kikuka Shō. The horses that compete in this tournament are Thoroughbred colts and fillies. No geldings are allowed to join the race.

Foreign bred and trained horses can also participate in the Japanese Derby. This is because Japan is included in the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities’ ICS Part I category. This means international horses can compete in races held by the Japanese Racing Association (JRA). However, they can only compete in all graded black-type races of JRA. Colts are required to weigh 57 kilograms so they can compete in the Japanese Derby. Meanwhile, fillies are required to weigh 55 kilograms.


Additionally, the top five horses that competed in Satsuki Shō are granted entry to the Japanese Derby. In Aoba Sho race, only the first two placers have priority entry to the Derby. In Principal Stakes, only the first place winner can be granted automatic entry. Winners of other races like Kyoto Shimbun Hai and NHK Mile Cup do not have a priority entry right to Tokyo Yūshun. Horses from the National Association of Racing (NAR) can also join the tournament. Thoroughbred three-year-old horses that won Grade 2 or 3 races before the Japanese Derby can race at the tournament. The maximum number of horses that can participate in the Tokyo Yūshun is 18.


Purse of the Tokyo Yūshun


The Tokyo Yūshun has one of the highest prize money in flat racing in Japan. This is because the purse is a total of ¥432,000,000 or $3,757,000. The first place winner of the horse can win a total of ¥200,000 or $1,739,000. The rest of the prize money is then divided into the rest of the following nine placers in the race.


The Race Track of Tokyo Yūshun


The Japanese Derby is annually held at Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan. The horses compete over 12 furlongs or a distance of 2,400 meters. The left-handed track has a turf surface that makes it easier for horses to run on. This is one of the most common track surfaces in flat and handicap races.


Most Famous Horses of Tokyo Yūshun


Since most horses that compete in this are one of the best in Japan and in foreign competitions, first place winners often finish the race in under two minutes and thirty seconds. The most notable horses that finished in the least amount of time since 1994 is Roger Barrows.

Roger Barrows is a local-bred Thoroughbred racehorse that competed and won first place in the Japanese Derby in 2019. He was able to finish the racecourse in two minutes and twenty-two seconds.


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