Macau Casinos
Land Casinos You Should Visit When in Macau

Some people call Macau ‘Asia’s Vegas’. It is one of the fastest casino capitals in the world to gain international popularity.


Macau has its own independent government but it is still one of China’s regions. The region used to be a colony of Portugal. You can still see many Portuguese restaurants in Macau. It is also a part of Macau’s culture and heritage.


With the number of casinos in Macau, it is also called ‘Asia’s Vegas’. It is the hub for gambling in the East. The region only used to be famous with Asians but in recent years, Macau is regularly visited by tourists from the West.


Macau only got the nickname because Las Vegas became famous for its casinos first. In 2018, Macau’s revenue from its casinos is seven times bigger than Las Vegas. The region’s economy mostly relies on its casinos.


The biggest resorts in Macau and Las Vegas are the same brands. This is because of the region’s growing popularity in the world.


There are two areas in Macau where you can find casinos and resorts: the Macau Peninsula and the Cotai Strip. The Cotai Strip has some of the newest and biggest casinos in Macau. The Macau Peninsula is the ‘mainland’ of the region and it is connected to Cotai by bridges.


If you want to be in the region’s centres where other attractions are located, you can stay in the Macau Peninsula. On the other hand, if you want to explore Macau’s newest resorts and play from one casino to another, you can choose Cotai.


Like Las Vegas, Macau’s casinos are also connected to hotels and shopping centres. This means that you will not have a hard time finding accommodations in the region. If it’s your first time visiting Macau, you can try their luxury resorts for the best tourist experience.


These resorts have a casino, a hotel, and a spa. You can approach the resort’s concierge if you need help. Expect the best customer service at Macau’s top resorts. Hotel services can help with your itineraries and transportation needs.


You can read up on some of Macau’s popular resorts and their luxurious amenities. Here are the extensive reviews of Macau’s best resorts.




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