Casino Price Boost Explained
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Find out what are casino price boost and its advantages. Know the top five online sports betting sites that offer price boost bonus.


Improving your chances of winning a bigger payout is always important. This is one of the reasons why online casinos and sports betting sites have created various bonuses you can use to make your gaming experience more fun. One of the bonus offers you need to know about is the casino price boost. 

While most bonuses you can find at online casinos are also offered at online sports betting sites, the price boost offer can only be used in bookmakers’ sites. This is because it increases the amount of your payout if your wager becomes successful. This is often given by bookmakers as a promotion offer to their new and regular players. This means as long as you fit the wagering requirement, you can use this bonus. You do not have to worry because the terms and conditions set by the online casino are easier compared to other bonuses.

All you need to remember is that the casino price boost can only be used in sports betting odds. Additionally, you need to check the wagering requirement to see until when you can use the price boost. This is because there are different kinds of casino price boost that are offered on various sites. It can be offered daily, monthly, or even depending on the season of the sport. Once you know where you can use the bonus, you can wager as much as you want.

This casino price boost is risk-free and highly advantageous for all kinds of players. This is because the extra money you get once your wager is successful is often higher than your stake. Additionally, online casinos often offer an average amount of ¥260 - ¥400 additional money for your bet. While this is smaller than you might have expected if you take advantage of the daily price boost in some sports betting sites, you can make an average of ¥13,500 - ¥20,000. However, one thing you have to keep in mind is that you get the additional money from the casino price boost only if your wager is successful. This means you have to really consider the sports betting odds of your favourite team before you place your stake on them.


Casino Price Boost Advantages


The casino price boost has more advantages and fewer risks for all kinds of players. This is because you can wager as much as you want on an odds, place the price boost on it, and get more than your payout.

Let’s say you saw 0.5 odds for the horse Chitose in a race so you decided to bet on him. You can wager ¥100 and expect to get ¥150 back if he placed first in the race. However, if you placed a casino price boost, you can get ¥410 if the boost was worth ¥260.

You can also bet ¥1,500 and expect ¥2,250 back if Chitose won first place in the race. This means if you add a price boost worth ¥260, you can get ¥2,510.

Additionally, since there are daily, themed, and monthly price boosts, there is almost a never-ending opportunity you can take advantage of to increase your payout.


Five Best Casino Price Boost Bonus


There are various online casinos that offer price boosts to their new and regular players. However, if you do not want to waste your time looking through the thousands of online sports betting sites, you can check out the following bookmakers:



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