What is Takarazuka Kinen?
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Find out what is the Takarazuka Kinen race and what kind of horses can compete. Learn how much the prize money is.

The Takarazuka Kinen (宝塚記念) is one of the other two “All-Star” flat races in Japan. It is a Grade 1 race held every late June. This is ahead of the other All-Star race which is Arima Kinen.

The Takarazuka Kinen is a Thoroughbred-only horse breed flat race. Local and international three years old and older Thoroughbreds can enter the race if they fit the requirements. They are required to weigh 53 kilograms. Meanwhile, four years old and above horses are required to weigh 58 kilograms.

There is a two-kilogram weight allowance for fillies and mares. There is also a one-kilogram weight allowance for Southern Hemisphere horses born in 2015.  A three-kilogram allowance is also given if they were born in 2016.


Additionally, there is no specific limit on the number of horses that can join Takarazuka Kinen. However, the maximum number of horses competing in the race is 18. The nomination period is often held in early May. Only the horses that fit the requirements can be nominated. The horses who are competing in the race is announced a few days before it starts. The entrance fee to compete in the race is ¥300,000. This is approximately $2,609.


Purse of the Takarazuka Kinen


Takarazuka Kinen has one of the highest prize money in Japan flat horse races. This is because the purse is ¥325,000,000. This is approximately $2,826,000.

The horse that places first across the finish line can get a total of ¥150,000,000. This is approximately $1,304,000.


The Race Track of Takarazuka Kinen


Takarazuka Kinen race is held annually at Hanshin Racecourse in Takarazuka, Hyōgo, in Japan. The Thoroughbred horses run a total distance of 2,200 meters. This is approximately 11 furlongs across a turf surface racetrack.

The course distance was previously 1,800 meters when it was first established. It had changed into 2,000 meters from 1961 to 1965. After this year, it changed into its current distance.

The turf surface is often used in flat and handicap races. This is because it allows the horses to maximise their full speed since there are no hindrances on the track.


Most Notable Horses in Takarazuka Kinen


Most of the horses that won the Takarazuka Kinen recently are five years old. However, there are two who are known for the amount of time they finished the racecourse. These were the Dantsu Seattle and Lys Gracieux.


Dantsu Seattle → This horse was a five-year-old Thoroughbred that won the tournament in 1995. He was able to finish the track within two minutes, ten seconds, and two milliseconds.

Lys Gracieux → Lys Gracieux was a five-year-old Thoroughbred that won the race in 2019. She was able to finish it within two minutes, ten seconds, and eight milliseconds.


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