All You Need To Know About Maiden Racing
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πŸ“’ Discover the world and importance of πŸ‡πŸŽŒ maiden racing! Meet the πŸ™ŒπŸ‘‘ famous maidens 🐴🐴 that made their names in history πŸ†!

Before horses can get started on their life in the racetracks where they gather trophies, they have to start somewhere. This is because young horses who are chosen to race cannot simply join big competitions. The chances of them losing in major tournaments are real because they do not have the experience of racing through the tracks.


This is why maiden racing have been created. These are races made for all horses that have not yet won a competition. Horses that compete here are called maidens because of their clean racing history.

Maiden horse racing exists in every country in the world where horse racing is a sport. Countries like Japan, need a starting or entry point for their horses to enter the world of competition.

Japan maiden race usually have various conditions set in it to level the playing field for the horses. This is because all horses, despite their gender and age are allowed to join maiden races. Conditions generally vary from having handicaps and placing weights on the horses depending on their age.


Since there are a lot of different types of horse races, horses that won in one race and not in another can still be called maidens. This means that if a horse won in flat racing but not in jump racing, they are still considered to be a maiden in flat racing. They are still allowed to join jump maiden racing.


Famous Maiden Horses


Similar to humans, horses have different skills and abilities. They also have a different learning rate and luck when they are competing. This means that while most horses move on quickly from being called a maiden, there are some that have lost more races than they won.

Some of the horses that have become famous for having lost a lot of races are: Zippy Chippy and Quixall Crossett.


Zippy Chippy

Zippy Chippy is a castrated Thoroughbred horse that became famous because he lost 100 races. He had no major wins in his career and because of his long list of losses, most racetracks eventually banned him from competing.

However, despite his misfortune in tournaments, he won against a minor league baseball player in a 37 meters race. He also won in a harness race called Paddy’s Laddy which is a publicity stunt he performed in. He has $30,834 in total career earnings.


Quixall Crossett

Quixall Crossett is a British Thoroughbred horse that had over 103 consecutive career losses. He is known to love racing despite having his track record. He had £8,502 total career earnings.


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